The beauty salon Domenico Castello

The italian beauty salon Domenico Castello was conceived as an emotional and informal space. It's luxurious but not ostentatious, dedicated to those who are looking for proper hair care and for someone who knows what the science of beauty is. The refined furnitures, branded Maletti, the most famous Italian name in the sector, have been designed by Philippe Starck and create a modern, but confortable atmosphere.
Domenico worked on this project for all his life and strongly believe in it. His goal was to create an environment that can convey italian style, artworks, creativity and nature. He made it happen, thanks also to the support of his team of talented Italian hairstylists.

Team Domenico Castello

Domenico Castello

Domenico Castello was born in December 1979 and began his career while still a teenager, in his hometown - the beautiful Naples. His father, Vincenzo, quickly recognized his potential and supported his son's passion for style and fashion.

Angelo Verde

Angelo Verde was born Naples too, one of the most beautiful Italian cities. When he was 15 years old he started to work as a hairstyls and shared with his parents his passion: women's beauty. Angelo sees a woman as a sculptor look at the raw marble, he recognizes her inner beauty and want to take it out with his scissors as soon as possible.

Daniele Gori

​Daniel Gori, an ultra-modern hipster, was born in Rome in 1982. He began to work as hairstylist when he was 16 years old and since then travelled the world following this passion. Today Daniele is the men specialist of the team, but love also to work on moder cuts for successful women.


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